Crash The Chatterbox: Discouragement

September 21, 2014, 8:10 am


Crash the Chatterbox

Dealing with Discouragement:
1. There’s Always a Messenger of Discouragement
2. There’s Always a Reaction to Discouragement
3. There’s Always God’s Gracious Encouragement
4. There’s Always the Revealing of the Cause of Discouragement

Incorrect View Of The…

a. Situation
b. Yourself
c. God

Six Things to Look at When Facing Discouragement
1. Look Back—
The enemy doesn’t want us to remember all the times God’s come thru for us.
2. Look Up—
When we look up to God, we remind ourselves of who God is…A God who loves us and walks with us thru everything.
3. Look Out—
Ask ourselves, are we doing anything to feed the chatter? How much time do we spend looking at other people’s lives on Facebook? How are our friends influencing us?
4. Look Beyond—
Crash the chatter by looking beyond ourselves & encouraging someone else.
5. Look Around—
This is what being in a Life Group is all about. Finding ways to have people who pray for each other.
6. Look In—
Realize that we have God’s Spirit living on the inside of us and we can quote Scripture to the lies of Satan and encourage ourselves

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