Life Group Leader Application Form – Updated 06.28.14


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Life Group Facilitator. Please complete this online form. Once your application is completed and approved, you will receive communication on the next steps.
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Once you have submitted this application, you will be contacted regarding its approval. Once it’s been approved, you will be contacted regarding the next steps. Life Groups are the center of connection and relationship building at Calvary Church of the Quad Cities. Life Group Facilitators are held to a high standard; therefore, we ask that you also sign and commit to the following Leadership Covenant. Thank you for your interest in serving God through Life Groups.


As a Life Group Leader, you will be viewed by those in your group as a leader at Calvary. As a result, we ask that you enter into covenant with other leaders of Calvary by making the following commitments:
  1. I will support the vision of Calvary Church in “Loving People to Life”
  2. I will commit to unity and support the leadership of Calvary’s Pastors
  3. I will faithfully attend Calvary’s Worship Services
  4. I will support Calvary by giving regularly and biblically
  5. I will make my Life Group a priority by:
    • Attending faithfully
    • Spending appropriate time in preparation and personal study
    • Helping new people connect and belong
    • Continue to grow personally through personal study and time in God’s Word
  6. I understand that I am responsible for the spiritual health of my Life Group. As a result, I will:
    • Commit to regularly pray for the individuals in my group
    • Help my group provide care for one another
    • Commit to living a life pleasing to our Lord and avoid participating in anything that would harm my testimony or the testimony of Calvary Church of the Quad Cities
                • This includes not serving alcohol at any time
                • This also includes not cohabitating with a significant other
    • Commit to live my life in a way that would not knowingly cause those around me to stumble or fall but would encourage those whom I have an influence over to likewise commit to live a life that is honoring to God
  7. I will not lead or facilitate in a way that undermines the spiritual authority of Calvary’s Pastors or the core beliefs of Calvary Church of the Quad Cities
By typing your name in the space below, you are entering into this covenant with Calvary Church of the Quad Cities and its leadership. *
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