Blue Prints 4 Belief


Building Faith On Truth

The purpose of this class is to help people to build a strong foundation in their walk with God. This class is for everyone no matter where they are in their walk with God, from a new believer to a mature Christian.

The class is FREE and includes all materials.

Weekly Outline

      • Week 1: Introduction & Assurance of Salvation
      • Week 2: The Importance of Prayer & God’s Word
      • Week 3: Living A Life of Worship
      • Week 4: Walk of Faith
      • Week 5: God’s Heart for Giving
      • Week 6: Resisting Evil
      • Week 7: Water Baptism & Baptism of the Holy Spirit
      • Week 8: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

The next class is currently scheduled for early 2018. Sign up HERE