Wedding Fees

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is needed no later than one month prior to the wedding, this deposit is applied towards the total fees of your wedding.  The balance remaining must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to your scheduled ceremony date.  If the wedding is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the scheduled date, only 50% of the fees will be refunded.

Marriage Mentor Fee: $50

Marriage Mentoring is 8 weeks long and must be completed before the Wedding Day.  Click HERE to sign up for Marriage Mentoring.

Minimal Package

Cost: $75

A simple wedding package where fees are minimal. In this package the Pastor opens the door to room CK1, which seats 200, as well as the West Main Entrance, 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  There is no rehearsal and no audio/visual unless someone from the wedding party would like to run a CD player for wedding music.  The lights and one microphone would be turned on by the Pastor.  There would be two changing rooms available 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and 30 minutes after the ceremony.

Traditional Package

Cost: $335

This package is in CK1, which seats 200, with the use of the West Main Entrance of the building and two changing rooms.  This package includes a one hour wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding and 2 hours before and after the wedding ceremony.  Along with the Traditional Package you will receive janitorial services, audio/visual services and a wedding coordinator that will be assigned to work with the bride.

Grand Package

Cost: $645

This package is in the 1,000 seat Worship Center with the use of the North and South Main Entrances of the building and two changing rooms.  This package includes a one hour wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding and two hours use of the building before and after the ceremony.  Along with the Grand Package you will receive janitorial services, audio/visual services and a wedding coordinator that will be assigned to work with the bride.  Each of these three people are trained staff and/or volunteers and will be paid from the grand package fee for making themselves available to you on the wedding day.

Wedding Policies

General Policy:

Wedding are only performed for ACTIVE CALVARY MEMBERS.

Definition of Marriage: Calvary Church of the Quad Cities defines marriage as a Biblical and Legal union between one man and one woman: Ephesians 5:22-23; Genesis 2:18,22-24; Hebrews 13:4.

Date and Time Approval

Approval must be obtained through the church office for the wedding date and time, and the rehearsal date and time.  All calendars (pastor officiating ceremony, church event calendar, etc). Saturday Weddings will not be scheduled after 3:00pm.


All weddings at Calvary Church are performed by a Calvary Staff Pastor.  Exceptions must be approved by the Calvary Church Pastor Staff.

Marriage Mentoring

Pre-marital classes with a Calvary mentoring couple are required and must be pre-arranged with the church office.  These classes are eight weeks.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your wedding.  Additional meetings may be needed with the Pastor performing the ceremony.  Click HERE to register for Marriage Mentoring.

Wedding Checklist

On the Minimal Package and the Traditional Package the Bride  is required to work with Calvary’s Wedding Coordinator who will provide a detailed checklist of all wedding rehearsals and ceremony plans.  This checklist includes planning of the wedding rehearsals and wedding ceremony. It does not include any plans for a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.


All music and lyrics must be pre-approved by the Senior Pastor.  For convenience a CD of pre-approved Wedding Music is available from which to choose. If you would like someone to sing, you are responsible to coordinate with them.


The rehearsal is generally held the evening before the wedding. Please allow for 1 hour.


Please arrange for all flower deliveries, decorations, etc, to be done during the times you have arranged to have the facilities open. This will be coordinated with the Calvary Church Front office.

Professional Photography

Professional Photography is allowed ruing the wedding ceremony.  Flash Photography is permitted.

Post Wedding Ceremony

All clothing, flowers, decorations and personal or rented items not belonging to Calvary Church must be removed when vacating the church after the ceremony.  Calvary Church will not be responsible for items left in the building.


Throwing of Rice: The throwing of Rice or birdseed is not allowed anywhere in or around the church premises.  Anything else must be pre-approved by the Church Office. 

Non Available Items: Calvary Church does not provide an aisle runner, candles, candle holders, foliage or fabric.

Candles: Only Dripless Candles Allowed.

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