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Please pray for healing and restoration and reconciliation of my family. Thank you.

Received: November 14, 2019

Lyni Wilson

Please for Gordon Schwabe who is in icu.

Received: November 13, 2019

Jean Giles

Friend Becky heart attack (52) pray GODS will bedone

Received: November 11, 2019

Lyni Wilson

My mom, Pat Schwabe, would like our church to pray for a healing miracle so that she doesn't need surgery at Iowa City... or if she does, that it be completely successful with a quick recovery. Thanks so much!

Received: November 10, 2019

Kit Vargas

Please pray for Johnnie Conger to have a successful surgery consultation December 19th Dallas Texas for Tarlov Cyst Disease. This is the newest diagnosis. Need to get some answers soon. Pray for Johnnie, his wife Saria, and their children.

Received: November 6, 2019


For our family in the lose of live of ROY FONSECA. HE WILL BE SO MISSED BY ALL.

Received: October 27, 2019

Shiella fonseca

Pray for me with the lose of my hero and husband, ROY FONSECA. After caring for me for 16 months after stroke, he was stricken with esophagus cancer in MARCH. DID 6 WEEKS OF CHEMO AND RADIATION ending in JUNE receiving news on OCT. 7 THEY COULD DO NO MORE FOR HIM, he passed OCT. 22

Received: October 27, 2019

Kit Vargas

Please pray for Saria and Johnnie Conger. Saria is our niece. Johnnie is having serious health issues and has been out of work since the end of July.

Received: October 26, 2019


PRAISE THE LORD for what He did in my friend Margie with her breast cancer. No caner in any lymphoid! She is doing very well. Dr's are even surprised with how well she is doing! Please pray she not have to have chemo. She will find out soon. They are also wanting to go to church! Pray it be where God would have them go and salvation given to them all. Thank you for praying!

Received: October 15, 2019


Thank you for your prayers. I wrote last week I needed a job, yes thank you God, I start new job Monday. I’m so happy. Please,God I do need financial assistance to maintain my home and pay monthly bills. I live a simple life and don’t want to lose what I have. Again thank you sweet Jesus. Please hear my prayers. Amen.

Received: October 2, 2019

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