MARCH 26, 2019

This testimony comes from one of Calvary’s Student Ministry Leaders.  Read his story below:

Hello, my name is Josh Franzen. Part of my testimony is how God has answered my prayers for friendship. My previous church had Sunday school classes for all ages. My class for young adults were taught by my mom and her friends. I was the only person consistently to show up, and there was a young couple who would show up occasionally.  So, conversations and lessons weren’t very fun or applicable.

I have always been a person with not a lot of friends, and I wanted to go to church where there were a lot of people my age. That was my prayer for awhile, the decision was a tough one because I grew up in that previous church and it was a small enough church to know everyone, they were my family. My parents introduced me to Calvary because they are mentors at One Eighty, and God called me to Calvary.  I wasn’t sure why but when I got here people my age came up to welcome me and I knew this was the place to be.

Three years later, I’m involved with a leadership team for the Student Ministries and a small group for young adults where I now have a great group of friends. God does great things in our lives, and He has answered my prayers by bringing an abundance of not only people my own age but other Calvary family.

-Josh Franzen

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