Pastor Tim Bowman is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Calvary Church since April 16, 1995.  Before founding the Church, Tim completed 16 musical recordings in Nashville, TN, and ministered in over 500 churches in the United States and around the world.  He is called to minister, teach and preach God’s Word and to keep the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the centerpiece of ministry.

The Calvary Church Mission is to “Go and Make Disciples”.  The Vision of Calvary Church is the action of the Mission—to “Love People to Life”.  The Values of Calvary Church is the implementation of the Vision—”Healing, Training and Worship”.  The desire is to see healed people (physically, emotionally and spiritually) trained for a lifetime of service to the Lord—which is worship.

Pastor Tim and Cathy live in the Quad Cities Area.  They have two grown sons, Reece and Riley who are both married to Areli and Amber respectively and they have two granddaughters, Eliza and Ezmae.