MARCH 1, 2019

This testimony comes from a grandma and her prayers for her grandson.  Read her story below:

“When Brantley (grandson) started bruising so badly his mama and daddy got nervous and took him to the doctor as he looked like he had been beat up. Being 1 year old and not walking good caused for lots of falls, but he was bruising so badly over his whole body the doctor sent him right to Iowa City for a bone morrow biopsy, of course this made us all sick to our stomachs and we all began to pray over our sweet boy, our precious special gift from God.   Leukemia was not a word we wanted hear, the only other thing it could be was ITP, a blood disorder that causes low platelets, this means your blood does not clot.

I remember standing in the room, both sets of grandparents and his mommy and daddy praying aloud to Jesus, please heal our boy, keep your hand upon him and guide the doctor’s hands.  Waiting for those results were awful, thinking of the could be’s.   When I heard my son-in-law and daughter tell us it’s ITP we were so thankful.   Thankful it was not leukemia, but wondering what events laid before him with ITP.

This diagnosis brought with it blood infusions, steroids, being extra cautious in not letting him fall, thinking of the future with no contact sports and constant blood work to check platelet levels. Normal platelets is 150,000 to 450,000, Brantley was at 2,000.   He would have an infusion and they would come up to around 70,000 and then drop back down.

This past week Brantley, 4 1/2 years old needs to have some dental work done so again it was a trip to Iowa City to have blood work done to check to see if he would need to have an infusion ahead of time to bring his platelets up for the dental work to be done, Katelynn, his mama sent a message in our family message yesterday as she got his blood work back.  Brantley Crew’s platelets were at 140,000!  The highest they have ever been.  We are thanking God for the miracle of Brantley and the miracle of the healing in his body. 

This grandma is thanking Jesus for the healing work he is doing in our Brantley.”

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